Team Competitions
The competitive DanceSport team competes at various collegiate competitions throughout the year! Here you will be able to find a list of competitions that we will be attending as a team during this academic year.
 Fall 2016

Purdue Ballroom Classic
Date: October 22th, 2016
Host: Purdue University
Competition Location: West Lafayette, IN

Ohio Star Ball
Date: November 19th - 20th, 2016
Host: Sam Sodano
Competition Location: Columbus, OH

 Spring 2016

OSU DanceSport Classic
Date: Februrary 18th, 2017
Host: The Ohio State University
Competition Location: Columbus, OH

Arnold DanceSport Classic
Date: March 4th - 5th
Competition Location: Columbus, OH

Green and White Gala
Date: April 1st, 2017
Host: Michigan State University
Competition Location: East Lansing, MI

2017 Irish DanceSport Gala
Date: April 8th, 2017
Host: University of Notre Dame
Competition Location: South Bend, IN