Competition Results
Here you can find individual and team results and awards from the most recent competitions! For results from previous years, visit the DanceSport at OSU Club Archive.
esults listed are from team competitions, as well as competitions that our team members competed in independently.

2017 Ohio Star Ball

November 18th-19th, 2017


Purdue Invitational 2017

November 11th, 2017

Louis Christensen and Hailey Stangebye

1st Gold Smooth (WTFV)

4th Novice Smooth (WTF)

Satbir Singh and Natalie Prischak

1st Silver Smooth (WT)

6th Gold Rhythm (CRSM)

1st Syllabus Am. Bolero (B)

Louis Christensen and Madeline Bartsch

5th Gold Rhythm (CRSM)

Louis Christensen and Hallie Klieman

3rd Syllabus Am. Bolero (B)

Satbir Singh and Mallory Rowan

1st Silver Latin (CR)

2nd Silver Latin (SJ)

4th Gold Latin (CRSJ)


UIUC Invitational 2017

October 14th, 2017

AJ Pollauf and Elizabeth Bartlett

1st Bronze Smooth WT

5th Bronze Am. V. Waltz V

1st Bronze Standard WQ

3rd Bronze Intl. Tango T

3rd Bronze Intl. Foxtrot F


Miguel Carrion and Kiersten Crane

4th Bronze Smooth WT

2nd Bronze Am. Foxtrot F

6th Bronze Am. V. Waltz V

1st Newcomer Am. Waltz W

1st Newcomer Am. Tango T

1st Newcomer Am. Foxtrot F

1st Newcomer Intl. Waltz W

1st Newcomer Intl. Tango T

1st Newcomer Intl. Quickstep Q

5th Bronze Rhythm CR

5th Bronze Am. Swing S

1st Newcomer Am. Cha Cha C

2nd Newcomer Am. Rumba R

1st Newcomer Am. Swing S

8th Bronze Latin CR

3rd Newcomer Intl. Rumba R

4th Newcomer Intl. Jive J


Anthony English and Nicole Noakes

1st Gold Smooth WTFV

1st Novice Smooth WTF

3rd Gold Standard WTVFQ

1st Syllabus Am. Bolero B

1st Silver Latin CR

1st Silver Latin SJ


Brian Bordner and Courtney Frenger

2nd Gold Smooth WTFV

4th Novice Smooth WTF


Louis Christensen and Hailey Stangeby

5th Gold Smooth WTFV

4th Gold Standard WTVFQ


Jeovany Arvelo and Preciosa Rios

4th Newcomer Am. Tango T

4th Newcomer Intl. Waltz W

5th Newcomer Intl. Tango T

4th Newcomer Intl. Quickstep Q


Kevin Walsh and Samantha Butterfield

1st Silver Smooth WT

3rd Silver Smooth FV

4th Gold Smooth WTFV

1st Silver Rhythm CR

1st Silver Rhythm SM

1st Gold Latin SCRJ


Satbir Singh and Natalie Prischak

4th Silver Smooth WT

5th Silver Smooth FV

7th Silver Standard WQ

6th Silver Intl. V. Waltz V

4th Gold Rhythm CRSM

5th Silver Rhythm CR

5th Syllabus Am. Bolero B


Michael Guenther and Hallie Klieman

5th Silver Smooth WT


Ben Haut and Elena Knipp

4th Bronze Standard WQ


Jared Ng and Ariel Xu

3rd Novice Standard WFQ

2nd Championship Lain SCRPJ


Robert Wagner and Elizabeth Page

7th Novice Standard WFQ


Julian Havens and Kassie Kudler

8th Bronze Am. Mambo M


Anthony English and Hallie Klieman

2nd Gold Rhythm CRSM

4th Silver Rhythm CR


Abigail Klein

6th Newcomer Am. Rumba R (with Lifan Zeng)

6th Newcomer Am. Swing S (with Lifan Zeng)


Louis Christensen and Nicole Noakes

5th Silver Rhythm SM


Louis Christensen and Hallie Klieman

3rd Syllabus Am. Bolero B


Ben Haut and Nicole Noakes

1st Bronze Latin CR

1st Bronze Intl. Samba S

2nd Bronze Intl. Jive J


Dexter Lau and Lily Lee

1st Novice Latin SCR


Team Match:

Scarlet Team:

1st Intl. Multi-Dance (WRFS)

1st Amer. Multi-Dance (WCTS)


Gray Team

5th Intl. Multi-Dance (WRFS)

For more results please visit thDanceSport at OSU Club Archive.