2016-2017 Executive Board
Presidents: Haley Bockrath & Alexandra Lombard
Vice Presidents: Elizabeth Riggs & Hallie Klieman
Treasurers: Joshua Epperson & Alex Mathew
Secretaries: Tess Caldwell & Anthony English
Directors: Sam Butterfield (Mentoring), Jackie Ravlin (Merchandising & Branding), Natalie Prischak (Home Competition Planning), Ben Sperl (Socials & Outreach), Elizabeth Bartlett (Public Relations)

Jeffrey Goltiao & Micheal Curtis

Competition Information

The 27th Annual OSU DanceSport Classic was held in the Archie Griffin Grand Ballroom on February 18th, 2017. Christopher Saytovich was the scrutineer, Dana Edwards was head of judges, and the judging panel was Terry Sweeney, Rozana Sweeney, Joshua Tilford, and Andrew Pueschel.

This year DanceSport attended Purdue, OSB, OSU, Arnold, MSU, and Notre Dame as team competitions.